Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reflect Now, Not Later!

So, I get's March. The papers are high, the nerves are on edge, and you're desperately counting the days until Spring Break (hoping you have one). It's that time of year when the year is closing in and you're starting to say "What if I had done this..." or "What about THIS for next year..." 

Every June after the school year ends I always "Reflect"...well I try! I look back on my year and say "What could I have done different?" In years past, I focused on BIG changes in my classroom, which is great know what? It's the nitty-gritty-itty-bitty stuff that we forget that drives us up the wall in mid-year!

C'mon, you know...the things that make you look like this: 

Making larger changes are great but it's these tiny things such as "I really need more return bins" or "I need to investigate getting a student-use computer for online independent study" or even "I need more white board cleaner (hoping the old bottle will get you to the end of the year). BUT, we don't realize these itty bitty fixes, (to-do listers) when we are sipping our sangrias on the beaches of Florida, right? I know I don't! 

This is why I am urging to REFLECT NOW...NOT LATER. I'm super corny and a super list maker. Yep, go figure. I have created a list that sits taped to my wall right beside my desk that I am constantly adding to! (Obviously I need to add "Buy tape to the list") This list means nothing to anyone else but I interpret it perfectly and these are bigger and smaller projects that will help me be a better teacher next year!

Right now, we are knee deep in the chaos and really seeing "WHAT" we need to work on whether its adding supplies, creating assessments, dividing curriculum of levels, or just simply needing to mix up (throw out) some old resources. Write it down now because we know the end is such a blur. 

If you have a second and you're truly knee deep in the chaos, ask your kids. "Would it be easier....", "Would you guys  prefer...." If your kiddos are anything like mine, they'll be super honest :) 

Thought for the day! 

God Bless, 
Britt B.