Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What's your "Review" style?

So here in the big (actually small) AC, we are getting ready to switch trimesters. This means 4 of my classes are already OVER (for the first 1/2). Yes, at the beginning of November. Now, I'm not going to make this post a rant about the trimesters because that's a new day, a new post, and probably a new blog BUT...I have's time to review!

I always get anxiety over what style, technique, activities, etc. do I use to review. Sometimes I feel like I give the test to kids on a silver platter and then I try to justify that if I don't study with them a few days before the exam, they just won't study at all. 

I have compiled a few ways to "Review" with your kids and keep it interesting...feel free to steal and use:

1. Group Up & Create Flash-Cards: This is tell the kids to get together in a group, and create flash cards (I usually make each kid make about 20). Then after all that is over, they can partner up and quiz each other. I usually assign a small grade for creating their flashcards and some, ACTUALLY take them home to study! Wowzers. You can also use these for later activities incorporating the whole class. 

2. "Join My Team" FlashCard Challenge: This game is fun and a good time-filler. You have the kids pull out their flash cards they made for the test. You make 2 kids the leaders...they are trying to see who can get the most people on their team before the other student does. Each person they call to join has to answer a "RANDOM" flashcard question. If not, they go to the other team. It can get interesting...only downfall: the students will blatantly call on all the "smart kids" first so it really displays your top kids versus lower kids but you can add in modifications to prevent this.

3. Mock Exam: This one might not be as "fun" but if you are truly curious where your kids are...this is great. I have a PPT prepared:

and this PPT is the ultimate review. When I have done mock exams, it's usually with my mixed learner classes where I am confused if they are ready or not. Since this is just for fun and I give participation for completing, I let the kids fold down their name at the top, and then I give random papers to kids to check. Some will get 100 on the mock and they are READY for the exam, ahhh, this makes you feel better.

4. A game with a Nerf Net: I bought a simple $8 Nerf Net and Ball I keep in my room for review games. Pretty simple, divide up into teams (however many you want) and each team has to answer a question to shoot, 1 point for the correct answer, 1 point for the shot, if they mess up, another team can steal and take away the point. You can create your own rules but I find this is fun to do with the kids.

5. Baseball Game: this involves some pre-planning. Set up the class as home, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. A kid can pick a single, double, triple, or a homerun. If he/she picks a single and get it right, they advance on to 1st and the next kid picks their selection. When there are 3 wrong answers, time to switch out the teams. Kids really love this one too! 

Well these are my top 5 and there are SOOO many more. 
Feel free to use my PPT review for any of your games, activities, or to do a mock exam. IF you don't want the kids to prepare flash cards, you can use the questions from my PPT.

Feel free to share your awesome review games in the comment section! 

God Bless,
Brittany B. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Different Kind of Fashion Show..."

So one of the many reasons I love teaching Spanish 2 is because we have the clothing unit. The clothing unit has a ton of opportunities for some really fun and engaging activities.

I am going to share my top TWO favorite clothing projects:

1. Create your own fashion line - This project is a individual written project. It makes the students write, use their vocabulary, tie in styles, use their adjectives that have to match in gender and in number. It's something you can post on the "Good Job Board" and show off your students' skills.

How I do this:

1. Get a blank sheet of paper and make a window on both sides (this creates 8 blocks).

2. Draw your "fashion styles" I ask that the kids pick a theme and try to stay with it. I have had kids do "Biker Style, County Boy Style, Camo Girl Style, Pretty in Pink Style, Formal Night Out, etc." The options are limitless.

3. They have to color....they like this task.

4. Lastly, they create their paragraphs that describe what their model is wearing. I tell the kids they have to have at least 4 clothing/accessory pieces in every box and there must be an adjective for every item (Long Pants, Pink Dress, Yellow Scarf, Big Sun Glasses, etc.) I also tell the kids all the sentences must be complete. It's not just listing what the person is wearing but describing it as if the model was walking down a runway.

This is about a day and half project. Whatever the kids don't finish on the 2nd day is homework. If you are monitoring and the kids are working hard...they should finish within a day and half.

Next project....A Surprise Fashion Show...Ahh, I love this one!

1. Divide your kids into groups of 4 to 5 kids.

2. They will pick who is going to be their "model" I give a few extra credit points to the person that is willing to be the model, just like 2 points.

3. I go around to each group and ask who their model is going to be and write it down.

4. After this, I get their attention. I tell them that whoever they picked that is going to be the model...but not for THEIR group. At this time you'll hear the kids go What? huh? I say "We are going to switch things up a bit" I then start assigning OTHER groups to OTHER models.

This is where it gets interesting because you'll hear "Wait, does that mean we get to dress "this person"?" Yep...and they can't argue! It then gets really fun and interesting because you have dudes dressing girls and girls dressing dudes. You have the country kids dressing the preppy kids and vice-versa.

Now, they need to develop a list of what they are going to bring in for the fashion show THE NEXT DAY. EVERYONE must bring something in from home. After forming the English of the clothing & accessories, they have to pass the paper and translate into Spanish adding lots of detail. (Chance wears a red hat with flowers). THEY MUST USE DETAILS!

After they have their sentences with lots of descriptions about the clothes, I check them. I give feedback and write little corrections such as "Make that adjective plural"

Now, it's onto the next day....I bring in a massive sheet from my house. Behind it, the model will put on the clothing (OVER THEIR OWN CLOTHES) of what the group has brought.

The groups get in front of the class and read off what the model is currently putting on. It gets VERY interesting. The kids in the audience have to raise their hand and GUESS what they are currently putting on in English.

Finally, the group drops the curtain and the model does a little stroll on the cat walk displaying all the great wonderful clothes his/her opposing group has brought. :)

So much fun!!! And tons of engagement!

Here is a pic of one of my models sporting his attire that was chosen for him by a bunch of his gal pals!