Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Ser Verb Rap

So I love MUSIC! I love TEACHING with MUSIC even more. In my 8 years of teaching Spanish, I have created a TON of songs that help kiddos remember their Spanish. I hate to admit it: they forget the grammar, they forget the vocab, but they don't forget the songs. 

Recently I just had a girl visit from college, she's a sophomore now, and she busted into my classroom singing "Yo Soy...I am, Tu eres...You are" I saw her, screamed from excitement, and hugged her. 

She told me that she was minoring in Spanish and thanks to Mrs. B's crazy songs...she definitely felt a lot of it STUCK. 

It was "music" to my ears!! 

So since this song is SUCH a hit...I thought I would share a little video of one of my former classes singing the lovely Ser Song! They are adorable by the way! 

I also like to include a little fill in the blank after we sing it to see just how FAST they can remember it! The kids will get so proud when they flip the paper over and fill in every blank their first time with no peeking. Heck, it's a proud moment! 

So here it is....the famous & simple Ser Song:

I have included a link below if you would like to purchase the Ser lyrics with the actions & fill in the blank. If not, feel free to just copy the words! 

Ser Ver Rap with Fill in the Blanks

God Bless!