Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Here I come..out of MIA...

So first of all I wasn't kidnapped, I didn't get fired, and I didn't give up...I simply have been...swamped :( 

We go on Spring Break in 41 hours and 20 minutes or 8 classes (if you don't count plan periods)...but I mean, who's counting?! 

I absolutely love my job but Lord knows I need a little break. 

So one of the reasons I have stepped away from my blog is I am doing what I do EVERY year...I am already starting to see what I need to change for next year, what needs to be modified, kept, etc. 

I absolutely love my job but when it comes to my advanced program...if the class makes or not, is sort of unpredictable. It is not out of the ordinary to one year have 25 Spanish 3 students and then the next year have 9 who are independent studies placed in other classes. 

I have been ALL ABOUT personalized customization for each class...trying to meet them where they are and go from there but as the years go by...I am exhausted & I feel like I am constantly recreating and recreating and recreating the wheel. Sometimes, I forget which activities I have made from the year before (and then I get really mad when I figure out a month later that I forgot to do an awesome activity that I put my blood, sweat, and tears into the year before). 

I have decided that I am ready for some consistency and even though creating new sources are great to add differentiation, creative style, and flair...sometimes I feel like I am doing more harm by being "too personalized" because I forget other aspects that are important. The problem is I have WAY.TOO.MUCH! 

I want to apologize that I was MIA...working on each curriculum and what MUST be present, which activities, how to assess, and making everything readable (maybe for a future maternity) is extremely time-consuming but I am hoping with all this chaos and MIAness, I will be able to share my curriculum & what I have marked as important and MUST TEACH! 

For now, take care, God Bless, and I shall return! 

Gracias as always,