Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Learning Clothing FUN Activity!

Learning clothing vocabulary has never been more fun! This activity gets everyone involved, learning, competing, and really working to win! 

It's very simple... 

Divide the kids up into team. (I already have the students in "countries" therefore they are already in teams). Give each team several magazines, scissors, blank pieces of paper, pens/pencils, and roll of simple scotch tape. 

Tell the kids where their "area" of the classroom is. They MUST cut out different clothing pieces. No, it does NOT have the be all the same outfit. I hope it's not...that is what makes it so funny & fun. 

After they will label IN SPANISH all the pieces they have put together. 

I tell them the group that has the MOST pieces cut out, MOST labeled correctly, and can add the MOST detail to each piece...wins!!! 

ENJOY the examples below (some of them are quite comical): 

God Bless,

I'm NOW Social media UP TO DATE!

So if anyone truly knows me, they know I'm not HUGE on social media. I have a personal FB and I do use it frequently to look at my friends' weddings, baby pictures, fun vacations, etc. but that is about as far as my social media stretches me. 

I had a friend suggest opening up an account JUST for sharing of ideas for world language teachers and I thought well, that would be pretty easy, and I'm always really excited to share, discuss, and get inspired! 

So.....I'm now MODERN!

Below are my social media accounts: 

Facebook Page: Senora BB Spanish 

Twitter: @ProfesoraBB

Instagram: SenoraBBspanish 

My GOAL is to keep ALL my accounts up to date with ideas, tips, discussions, and more. Follow me & I'll follow you back, and maybe we can avoid recreating the wheel every year & semester! :) 

Work smarter, not harder!!! 

God Bless,

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Station Listening Practice - November 4th

Below are the Station Listening Videos. Feel free to pause at any time to get down information.