Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm NOW Social media UP TO DATE!

So if anyone truly knows me, they know I'm not HUGE on social media. I have a personal FB and I do use it frequently to look at my friends' weddings, baby pictures, fun vacations, etc. but that is about as far as my social media stretches me. 

I had a friend suggest opening up an account JUST for sharing of ideas for world language teachers and I thought well, that would be pretty easy, and I'm always really excited to share, discuss, and get inspired! 

So.....I'm now MODERN!

Below are my social media accounts: 

Facebook Page: Senora BB Spanish 

Twitter: @ProfesoraBB

Instagram: SenoraBBspanish 

My GOAL is to keep ALL my accounts up to date with ideas, tips, discussions, and more. Follow me & I'll follow you back, and maybe we can avoid recreating the wheel every year & semester! :) 

Work smarter, not harder!!! 

God Bless,

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