Thursday, March 20, 2014

Conjugation Activity - Great Introduction!

So I try to do as many on-hand activities with conjugating verbs right after the students are given the basic lesson of conjugating verbs. I personally HATE worksheets and you won't see alot of worksheet ideas from me. I like them for basic assessment checks, sub work, and a little quick practice activity but as far as checking knowledge, thorough practicing, and really diving into the material...worksheets OUT! This idea I'm getting ready to talk about is a super duper EASY activity AND the kids really enjoy it. :)

First of need to visit your teacher resource room and get about 5 to 7 large pieces of colorful paper (like the butcher paper). Stash them in your classroom for later use.

Next, make sure you TEACH the infinitives and the students are comfortable with the meaning of the infinitives. There are lots of activities for that (and I'll come back to that at a later time).
After you feel like your students understand the basic concept of conjugating, why it's important, and the whole PURPOSE of conjugating...then let's practice!

Tell the kids to form groups of 3 to 5 (or however many you feel comfortable with working together in a group).

Next, give each group a large piece of colorful butcher paper and some markers (you want to be able to display these later on).

Tell them to do basic conjugations such as "Ella habla" or "Nosotros pasamos" and you can even throw in some -er or -ir verbs. Tell them with each conjugation they need to draw a basic little picture that illustrates their conjugations.

I told my kids they could be creative and set up the conjugations anyway they like: bubbles, draw a picture and let the conjugations create the picture, little boxes, and more. I let their creativity come out.

Here are some examples of the ones that were created. Warning: there are a few mistakes. (They are practicing and that's okay). They are given a small little paper rubric so I don't mark on their creation where it's showing in the hallway with my pen markings all over it and the world to see their grade.

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  1. First, congratulations on the baby! Second, welcome back! Third, this is a great idea. I don't unfortunately have access to colored butcher block paper, but I do have white. I'm going to use this next year!

  2. Love the idea! Especially to use all the verbs/tense forms that come in a chapter

  3. This looks great for reviewing for my Spanish 2 students. Is the rubric available?

  4. SraJ - Let me explain how I grade this because I do a variety of ways depending on time schedule. I always tell the kids they MUST do at least 20, I use to do 15 but I realized, they can def do more. Then, I actually let them get up and DO the actions :) I actually let the class do it first and then if they don't get it (which usually they always do), the group that made it performs the action. It's very interactive and makes it fun to watch the classmates. I just give them 100% as long as 20 verbs are up there, if not, I deduct 2 points per missing verbs. They all get 10 points flat for presenting.

    40 points = 20 verbs (2 points per conjugation)
    10 points = Presentation (Any points deducted if they didn't know what they are doing or totally lost in la-la land)

    Total = 50 points

    Hope this helps and feel free to steal and use :)

  5. What a fun interactive way to engage students in learning verb conjugations. Thanks for taking time to explain you assessment method. Truly look forward to trying this out this quarter :)