Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Dia de Los Muertos

So tomorrow "officially" starts Day of the Dead but since it's over the weekend...why not have some fun with the kids TODAY (since it is also Halloween)!!! 

The kids brought in food, we built some fake altars, we are watching some you tube videos over La Llorona, La calavera Catrina, La isla de las munecas, and I am showing the kids some videos/pictures of when I visited the Mummy Museum in Mexico. 

We have been watching lots of videos over el dia the past month so they have practically seen them all. LOL 

Anyways, today is a class day celebrating and learning how the hispanic cultural deals with death, celebration of life, and just overall culture. I think they have learned we are VERY similar and the curiosity of life after death is a universal concern/interest for ALL cultures! 

I love this day! It's one of my favorite holidays (American and Mexican) and I'm so blessed to celebrate it with my kiddos! 

Here is a pic of my annual tradition "Dead Makeup" 

I always have such a hard time being "dead"/"scary"/"serious" here is a pic of me smiling. Yes, I kind of look weird and you can laugh! 

Everyone have a safe and festive holiday whether you're celebrating Halloween, Day of the Dead, or both. 

God Bless,
Britttany B. 

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