Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Crazy Spoons Game

So guys...if you have followed me for any amount of time on my blog or on my facebook can probably tell...I love me some GAMES!!!!!

I am all about high engagement and students learning Spanish without "realizing" they are learning Spanish. 

I am not going to kiddos love my class. They talk about how it goes fast, they feel confident in what they learn, and its the "least" dreadful of school. As much as I wish I could say it's just me as a teacher (shoulder dusting at the moment)...I don't this it is. It's because my kids have a ball in here. I am ALL about games & competing BUT learning Spanish at the same time! 

My units are chunked full of games and they aren't just your good ol' educational game but actual game the kids play in real life but just modified with Spanish. 

So, has anyone heard of the Spoons Game? Whew! It's a fun one...highly energetic, active, and super competitive. 

Here is a little clip of the ACTUAL spoons game being played (not the Spanish class kind): 

Well, I brought the Spoons game into Spanish class and it was SOOOOO easy! 

So let's review the Spoons Game Basics: 

1. You need at least 4 to 6 people to play to make it fun. 
2. The whole goal is that you're going after a spoon & there will ALWAYS be one less spoon than people sitting at the table. Womp Womp...someone ain't getting a spoon! 
3. You are trying to get a matching set of cards that allows you to be the first to grab the spoon. 

Now in regular playing cards, you're going after 4 of a kind (3 of hearts or Ace of Spades, whatever) BUT in're going after 5 of a whole conjugation of a verb. 

So if you want to be the first to grab a spoon, you're deck must look like this: 

Notice the kid above is holding "Escribo, Escribes, Escribe, Escribimos, and Escriben" 

(He didnt' have them "in order" but who cares...) 

This is the precious match that allows you to grab that first spoon which spins everyone else in a whirlwind grabbing a spoon. 

It's not over though: 

The kid that was the first to grab the spoon MUST lay down his cards and show his conjugations AND (here is where it gets interesting)...he must tell the English of EVERY card....yep, that's right. 

If he/she can't, they have to take their precious spoon and hand it over to the person who DIDN'T get a spoon!

Know those verb conjugations kiddos! 

So how do I play this in my class. Well, lots of ways. 

If I see a whole table is finished and we have 10 minutes left. I'll say "Go grab a spoons baggie" 

Or...some days (such as a Friday after a quiz) we'll dedicate the rest of class to Spoons Game Class Wide. 

I have 4 different games: Present Tense Regular, Present Tense Irregulars, Preterite Tense, and Preterite Tense Irregulars. 

If I am dedicating the whole rest of the class, I will divide the class into stations: Present over here, Present Irregulars over here, etc. 

They'll play for about 10 minutes and then switch to a new deck allowing them to focus on a TON of conjugations. 

What if I want to assess my kids after we play to make sure they know it?

Great question! 

With every game I have produced, I have created a written translation practice. See below for a little peek: 

My kiddos always complete this after playing their game. If we are in stations, they will complete before moving on. I have also given them these written translations the following day as well for a bell ringer or exit slip. 

No matter how you plan the Spoons Game in your lesson, it will always be highly effective and yes, they will KEEP asking to play! 

Let me know if you have any questions & God Bless, 

Brittany B. 

See below for my products of the Spoons Game if interested. Every game comes with directions, playing cards, verbs list, and post-written activities of verbs used in game. 

Thanks again & God Bless!!! 


  1. Looks amazing to improve and learn spanish, i will try this out with my friends, thanks!

  2. This looks like so much fun!
    I just had one question:
    When students are "out" because they didn't get a spoon, what do those students do while they wait for the rest of the round to be over?
    Thank you!

    1. HEY josh! I am so sorry on my late reply...when they are out, they watch. But it usually goes really fast before a new game starts. Rarely do I find my students just totally zoning out and quitting. Also, it usually spreads out to who is getting a spoon so it's not like one person gets out and then is out the rest of the game. It's a pretty fast paced game. :)

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