Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My New Clock

My freshmen will be getting the joyous task of learning how to tell time in Spanish I. It is one of the most challenging lessons due to having to learn tons of vocabulary. Not only do they have to learn vocabulary, but they have to do a little math....oh, that mean math..gggrr! I decided to make something fun that might be able to help them out some ;) 

We all know that high school students will be watching the clock like crazy through-out the class, so here's my Sunflower Spanish clock. Maybe after watching the clock everyday, this will start to catch on. This can be easily manipulated for teaching little kids to tell time or any foreign language. 

It's so easy to make the  flower clock. You just need card stock, scissors, a marker, some tape, and a round clock. 


  1. Muy buena idea, gracias por compartirla. Voy a hacer uno de estos con mis hijos en casa. Saludos desde Uruguay

  2. Me encanta el reloj. Es una idea fantástica. Gracias.

  3. Hola Brittany, soy de Brasil y me encantó la idea del reloj, muy creativo, voy a hacer con mis alumnos. Un fuerte abrazo, Gabriela Pinheiro.