Monday, July 16, 2012

New Classroom Means a New Journey

Hello All!!!

I am so excited to start this blog. I love getting new ideas and sharing my own. I have moved to a new high school, not too far down the road, and I have a BRAND NEW classroom. I was so excited to get my new room but it needs some tender, love, and care. Here are the BEFORE pics: 

One of these bookshelves will be moved, thank goodness. There is a lot of space in the room but some things need to be moved out.

Here is the front of the room. It needs to be pretty if I want the students to pay attention to the board and the projector :)

This is my teacher's corner but it needs some spicing up and some color!!! 

Here is the larger space of my classroom. I love to do group activities so I will be putting the desks together in groups. They will stay like this for a while and I will switch them up later in the year. 

That's all for now :)

God Bless - Mrs. Baxter 


  1. Awesome Brit!! Will you be putting up a lesson or at least at few words and translations? I took spanish in high school and have forgotten most of it.

  2. Will do! I am working on some lessons and activities that can be easily learned on here, duplicated for teaching any kiddos you might have, or used by other Spanish classes. Also, with school starting back I will be blogging and posting at least one a week (minimum).

    Thanks for the support!!!