Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Grading Box

I will admit as a high school teacher with 5 to 6 classes and all the assignments that go along with them...grading can be a messy situation. In the past, I have done folders/files and I end up stuffing them in my bag at the end of the day for them to get scrunched up, misplaced, or even...I'll say it...LOST (only twice out of 500 students). I finally found this little miracle tool on Pinterest and knew it was for me ;) It was simple to make and no more lost organization plus!

It was super easy to make. It took about 7 minutes and about $14.00 to make!! Wooh- Hoo. I bought the box from Wal - Mart for $14.00 and used color card stock I had left over. I color-coded my classes, measured the label sizes, created the categories, cut out my labels, stuck them in...and wah-lah. Done. Here is my final product:


- God Bless,
     Brittany Baxter. 

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