Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Star Game

I wanted to create a game in my class that could be done very quickly everyday for practice, motivate students, and review as far back as we wanted to go. I often hear students say all the time "My teachers never go back and review." or "This is starting to get confusing." With my teaching experience...I have found it's not great teachers that can move through the content quickly...it's teachers who are able to take two steps forward with their students and one stop backwards when needed that make great teachers. 

This game is EASY and can be used for ANY subject. You'll need to get some name charts (I got these at Dollar Tree for $1.00 each), some star stickers (or any small stickers), cups for your different classes, and Popsicle sticks for writing their names on. 

After making putting the names on the sticks and writing the names on the charts...you're now ready to make this a component of your class routine. Everyday after the bell ringer, I do 21 Preguntas (21 Questions). I ask 21 random questions of our material for the class...I usually start off hard and then adjust. If a student raises their hand first, I call on them. If a bunch raise their hand....I pick a stick and call on that person. I give a kid a sticker EACH time they get an answer right (therefore I am handing out 21 stars a day (told you---you need ALOT of stickers.) THE KIDS LOVE TO PUT THEM ON THEIR FOREHEAD...ESPECIALLY THE BOYS. The girls like to put them and decorate them on their binder.

 At the end of asking all the questions, I say raise your hand if you received one star, two stars, three stars, etc. Whoever has the most star gets A STAR placed by their name and a prize for the day (usually candy or a peso, extra credit.) 

You'll need to find an easy place to store your chart so you can get to it quickly. I placed mine on my cabinet handle. Also make sure to laminate your charts to prevent them from ripping, hole punch, and place on a jump ring. 

Also, find a good hiding spot for your cups. High schoolers can be mischievous and pull out their name stick so they don't get called on....can you believe high school students would do that?! (sarcastic, completely).I hide mine in a filing cabinet drawer and switch them out each class. The filing cabinet is behind my desk so I know the little rascals won't be touching the sticks!!!

Hope this helps for an engaging review game in your classroom :)

-God Bless,
       Brittany Baxter 


  1. Grea Idea, but can you please explain how you use the chart with the student names? do you put a star by it also?

  2. whoever had the most stars for the day gets a star on the chart and a prize.