Monday, February 18, 2013

Wall Station Writing

Sometimes its so hard for me to get the students to WANT to write. As their teacher, I LOVE watching them GO GO with their writing but the feeling isn't always I have learned something...students like to write on a non-traditional resources...using marker boards, on walls, on the floor etc...

In this activity, all I did was write a "person" (madre, abuela, mejor amigo, etc.) on the top of the paper and the students have to write a mini letter to each person. 

They didn't realize but they were writing a TON by the time they go around and hit each station. Be strict with your rules (no talking, time limit, must have at least 3 sentences, whatever you decide.) You can adjust this writing assignment WITH ANY objective...descriptions, telling birthdays, filling out a job application, etc. 

Have fun!

God Bless 
-Brittany Baxter 

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  1. Were they working in pairs? I like how you personalized with a "target audience." Plus it's familiar language :)