Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quiet Sign means "BUSINESS"

So I teach freshmen....lovely little freshmen. I love their enthusiasm and creativity but sometimes having the freshmen separate from the HS allows them to act like well, freshmen :( 

There are certain classes where the chattiness ERKS me!!!! I am ready to teach and they are not ready to get calm, sooo.....I had to think of a way to get their attention. 

I try to be around my room but I'll be honest when I'm teaching I'm mostly around the front and the board. I have been saying for the longest time that I'm going to invest in a clicker but I always forget. 

I was so tired of teaching and having little conversations start off. I really got upset because I would spend time on these lessons and I felt like the kids were getting too chatty and sometimes it was about the content but it was just the wrong time. 

I was at the Dollar Store one day and I said a pack of attention getter signs. Now, I first thought this is too elementary but then I remembered Wait a freshmen act like elementary kids sometimes. 

Now, when I am trying to teach and the side conversations get too much or too rowdy, I hold up my "Quiet" sign...I give the kids 5 seconds and if there is still talking, I put a check beside their name on the roster. I tell the kids if they have 5 checks by the end of the week...I am calling home "ON A FRIDAY" Yes, right before your lovely weekend! 

Now, taking away points has been a controversial topic because some teachers say it's not fair to take points off their "grade" but I have in the past taken off their "participation" score. 

I have noticed though "calling home" is a much stronger punishment. This is something you will have to decide for yourself and what your district allows. 

God Bless
-Brittany B. 

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