Friday, July 18, 2014

A paragraph a day, gets the Spanish underway...

I'm always trying to figure out the perfect that is going to allow my Spanish 1 kids to walk out at the end of the year learning such a high amount of Spanish and taking it with them to Spanish 2. I am always trying to implement new things that will give my students a ton of practice with using words and phrases they will see and need all the time. 

I was blessed to have the opportunity to go to AP Spanish training, and I met some really cool individuals and rockstar teachers while I was there. While I was there, I met an awesome teacher who had been teaching AP for years along with the basic Spanish one, Spanish two, and three and four.The number one thing he told us was get your kids reading every day! Considering he had a high pass rate for the AP exam, and has been doing this for years... I took his advice to heart and tried to figure out how could I get my kids reading on a daily basis or at least every other day. 

I finally realized this past year that my kids have to be reading at least every other day. I created these paragraphs that emphasize the Spanish 1 material, but they are also great for Spanish two review. 
I told the kids they would get 30 to 45 seconds to read the paragraph in their head, then I would draw a name out of a stick and if they could translate it into perfect English then they would get some pesos (extra credit system I use). 

The kids started to see all the words in context and were so confident when they were able to translate the paragraph into perfect English. This is something they wanted to do every day and would ask "Are we getting a paragraph today?"I would even have kids asking at the door if they could translate the paragraph that day! 

My administrators were amazed by how the students wanted to read and how well they did it. Instead of using old traditional methods like making the kids write the words over and over, worksheets or book work, they quickly learned from seeing everything in context. Also, I was even able to include words that I wasn't going to introduce until later that year into the paragraphs and by the time the kids got to when I was supposed to teach it...they already knew it! 

So I'm sure you are interested in what my AP pass rate was using this system?!? Using this system...All my kids passed! I had one get a five, a lot get a four, and the rest got threes! 

To purchase my pre-made paragraphs...(So you don't have to write them your self... Believe me it takes time.) Click the link below to purchase from my teachers pay teachers account.

These paragraphs can be used in Spanish 1 and are great for Spanish 2 review. They are edible so you can mix up the details and even include your own students name. They come in PowerPoint form, but you may also take them and put them on any document you like. You may use them in a reading folder, stations, or like I am doing with a daily reading time. 

Hope this works for you as well as it has for me :) 

God Bless, 
Brittany B. 


  1. Great idea! What do you have them do with the paragraphs you give them. Do they translate them?



  2. Do you do these with Spanish 1? You said in your post it's a Spanish 2 review, but I have MANY students that struggle with single-sentence translations. Do you have students write their answers down somewhere? Or just sit and read them?


    1. Yep, real aloud in English for extra credit. Later in the year, they have to translate into their readers/writers notebook :)

  3. Hello all! We do 2 reading paragraphs a day. I teach a lot in phrases and then the them today "soy " (person's name"/ "soy de" (place" I also teach necesito/quiero/puedo and then I teach the kids as a mini side lesson how to add on those infinitives to form sentences. Everyday we read 2 to 3 paragraphs. I put it on the screen silence for 30 seconds, and then I use my clipboard roster to randomly call on someone to read, I let them pass if they are uncomfortable. Whoever reads receives a peso which is extra credit :) omg this works and helps sooooo much!