Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Giant Board of Questions

I often get lots of questions on my big board of questions. I got this idea from the kids looking around my room and trying to translate EVERY little word on my walls. Hmmm, I thought. What if I could get them speaking Spanish and conversing. So, I took to the computer. I just created lots and lots of questions! 

I used all kinds of cute fonts and made them really big so I could cut them out and they can be seen. 

It's one of the top favorite things about my classroom. I can't tell you how many kids look and start seeing if they can figure out the questions/answer the question, ask others...It's such an awesome tool! 

But, I have used these questions for one than just one big board. 

Here is list below of what GIANT questions can serve (haha) ;) 

1. Big Display Board - Yep, I think you got that! lol 

2. Station Writing - I put several big questions on a table (get the kids in groups) and they rotate and answer the questions at the table, then rotate to a new one. Seriously? Engagement ;) 

3. Circle up and talk. I love this one! I get the kids in a giant circle. I go around and give a kid each # (usually all the way up to 38! ;) Yep- big classes! I tell the kids if you are EVEN, you are the leaders and will be working with the student to your right. We play music - kind of like, hot potato. While playing music, they pass the big questions. Yes, lamination is a GOOD thing! ;) When the music stops, if the odds are holding the question, they hand it to their leader. They must STOP and CONVERSE over that big ol' question! It's so genius and so much better than giving them a worksheet and saying "Habla" 

4. QUIZZES - Yep, I stand in the front, they have a blank sheet of paper. I hold up the question, say it, and they must write the answer! Easy peesy!

5. Conversation Show DOWN - I use this for a day where field trips, clubs, where's my class at?!?! I set up various games/activities and this is one of them. They can be in a group, partnership, whatever and they get a timer and must try to answer all the questions between the buzzer goes off (they can use their phones as a buzzer). 

6. Find Me the Question: I clip all the questions to my board. I say the answer. The teams run up and try to grab the correct question. 

7. No, You May NOT Pack Up - Hate the kids packing up early but you're done? Keep these by your board/door & grab them when a couple of minutes are left to go. 

There are sooo many other things I use this for. I usually try to make 4 copies for the year, and get one laminated for sure!

Feel free to create your own questions, or you may buy mine if you don't want to create them. I believe mine is $1.75 on tpt and it includes over 20 questions.

Happy Teaching and guess what day it is?!?! HUMP DAY!!!!

-Britt B. 

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