Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Desk Writing

White boards are great but something that is so nifty is letting the kids WRITE on their own desks. All you need is a class set of dry erase markers (a lot of my kiddos had their own from other classes) and some old towels for erasing. 

We are currently in Spanish 2A learning food vocabulary/phrases/concepts. I love when the kids get to write but not feel so nervous/pressured. Also, pen and paper are so 1990, right?

I had the kids come up with certain questions that pertained to our unit, and then I made them go sit in a desk that wasn't theirs. They had to answer the questions with their marker. 

You can do this multiple times. Have them erase their current desk they are sitting in, write new questions, and switch again. 

I also directed my kids at what I wanted them to write. I explained the scenario and they wrote the questions and answers. Pretty neat activity! 

Warning: Make sure your classroom desks are suitable for the activity. NOT all are! Also, make sure to use the correct type of markers. I used Dry Erase Expo and they were great...no markers or mess! 

Happy Teaching!
God Bless,
Britt B. 


  1. So glad you like it :) It works great and it's so easy anytime you want them to write!!!