Friday, July 22, 2016

My Top 5 Favorite Reflexive Verb YouTube Vids!!!

I love teaching reflexive verbs...there is so much content and so many FUN things you can do! 

I try to ALWAYS show a few youtube videos with EVERY concept I teach. I always, FIRST, teach it myself, and then I have a few videos to "back me up" It's like my teaching squad...and it's engagement for the classroom. 

Here are my TOP 5 YouTube Videos for teaching Reflexive Verbs. Under each link, I'll try to give you some advice of "when" to show it to your kiddos & what each video is...if you don't want to read my paragraphs, just skip it, and check them out yourself :) 

1. Reflex Your Verby -

This fun little song video, which has A TON of views, is perfect to show immediately after you teach HOW TO CONJUGATE the reflexive verb. It's catchy, it's simple, and it's entertaining. Plus. it's to the tune of a song the kids will relate it. It's a must watch. 

2. Reflexive Verbs Made Easy With a Song! (Spanish Lesson) -

This video is of Senor Jordan (who is AWESOME). I will be gone on maternity leave halfway in the year & you better bet, if I don't get a Spanish speaking sub, Senor Jordan will be reinforcing EVERY lesson. He is so to the point, has a great teaching personality, and usually puts EVERYTHING to a song. If you are out, or need reinforcements to teach reflexive verbs, this video is perfect. I usually like to show it just because the song he uses is so catchy! It's to the tune of if "If You're Happy & You Know It" (and yes, my high schoolers like it...and they clap!) hehe! 

The next 3 videos (in my opinion) need to be shown later on when the kids understand the basics of conjugating a reflexive verb. It's not so much about "teaching" the basics of a reflexive verb but showing daily routine. After my kiddos KNOW how to conjugate reflexive verbs, my BIG OVERALL goal is that they can talk about their own daily routine. Conjugating is the skill, talking about their day is the overall goal! 

3. Verbos Reflexivos con Frida Kahlo -

I am obsessed with Frida! So when I saw this video, I almost died of excitement. Of course this is a homemade mock video of Frida (she's dead but you can visit her home museum in Mexico) but this woman is so awesome & entertaining. I like that it puts the sub-titles! So not only does she say & do her daily routine but the students get to see the Spanish on the screen. I love teaching culture so I always give a 5 minute little lecture of WHO Frida was. The kids are amazed with Frida because she was such a different character! Two birds with one stone: culture & grammar! :) 

4. Mi Rutina Diaria -

This video is of a little boy getting ready & it takes you through his daily routine. He is ADORABLE! Your girls will go "awwww" He goes through his daily routine and the sub-titles are on the screen (double cha-ching)! It does a great job of showing a completed "Mi Rutina Diaria" Like I said, make sure the kids are very familiar with the reflexive verbs (they know lavarse, ducharse, blah blah) and they know how to conjugate well before you show this video. 

5. Mi Rutina Diaria Subtitles -

This song is sooooo catchy! I like to show this when the kids are walking in to class before the bell rings. It's to a known song & the kids will be dancing (well, they will WANT to). Make sure, your kiddos know the basics: know reflexive verbs, how to conjugate, and they are "starting" to understand their overall goal of creating a daily routine. I would say this video definitely shows the most skill but after watching it, your kids will know what is expected of them. Plus, they can sing along! 

Happy YouTube Watching! Hope these videos help you out in the classroom!

God Bless!
~Britt B. 

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