Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thank You for the Connections!

(Warning: this is kind of a sappy post...let's blame pregnancy!!!) 

This post is nothing more than a big fat thank you! This summer has been the biggest blessing to sit back and get to connect with my readers. Many of you find me via Pinterest, get on the blog, see the Facebook Group Page (which you can like), and from there...we're forever teacher friends! I want you  all to know that you have become a resource to me as much as I can be to you (Becca Lynn - you know exactly what I'm talking about: this girl has GREAT ideas!)

 I can't begin to tell you how awesome it has been to get a message, and get to meet (via messenger) someone reading on the other side. 

I started this blog...I think 4 years ago, WOW! I'm not a writer, blogger, or anything special with ENGLISH (hence, Spanish Teacher and all the many grammatical mistakes in my posts-oops), but it was simply an outlet to get my ideas from my brain to where someone could read them & maybe use them!

I love people. From the time I was little, I have always been a "people person". Hence the note home on my report card in the third grade: "Brittany is smart but is too much of a social butterfly!" Well sorry Mrs. C but that's just who I am. ;) I love meeting new people from all different walks of life & I think the BEST way to learn is basic human interaction. It has shaped me into who I am today, it has given me compassion for other people, and it has developed a want to always share & make each other's day easier. I truly believe that's what life is all about: having each other's backs! 

So from the bottom of my teacher heart: Thank You! I pray each one of us (as we are preparing to go back here in the next few weeks-maybe some of you have a month left) that we have the best teaching year yet! I hope anything you read from this blog, even if it's the tiniest tidbit, can help you with sanity, inspiration, and passion....I promise I will keep dishing it out & letting my rambling continue if it's helping! LOL 

Don't feel shy to ever chat or connect! Feel free to always message me if you have a question about anything as far as ideas, curriculum, organization. I can't promise I have the answers but in this process I have made some pretty awesome connections! 

I love that we all have common ground & "get each other" (My husband often makes jokes that teachers can connect better than any other professionals out there---I believe this with all my heart!) 

I'm so excited to start my 2016-2017 school year blog entries & together, we're going to enlighten our kids on the many advantages of being bilingual, meeting new cultures, and being Global Thinking Worldly Individuals! 

God Bless Each One of You & Let's Rock This School Year!!! 

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