Friday, January 8, 2016

The Best Review Game You'll Ever Play

Okay, confession time = I don't USUALLY LIKE review days. I don't know why...I guess it's where I have spent the whole time TEACHING the unit, it's just like UGH...again we go! little game has changed my whole opinion on review games and the kids LOVE IT! I mean, hard core, in love with it...would choose it over ANYTHING!!!

I'm talking heart racing, sweaty palms, and nerves, nerves, nerves but gosh, it is fun! 

How this game came about was kind of a mix of a bunch of games put together and changed up. I like to call this game "Sinking Ships" 

Okay so here goes: 

1. First, you'll need to put your class into teams. Luckily, I ALWAYS have my class into teams because they are organized into Spanish Speaking countries :) We have rules about how no one is allowed to deport, no illegals, etc. The kids actually love it. 

2. All you need is your board, a marker, and a marker board eraser (I use old t-shirts). 

3. Tell your kids TODAY we're playing a review game WHERE you can build alliances with other countries, go against other countries, negotiate with each other, and so on. I tell the kids while I am drawing the "ships" on the board, I want you to get up, move around and make "deals". Decide who you want to be in alliances with, and just like smart business men/women make "DEALS" 

(First time you play, they may not do anything...they don't yet understand in the game why an alliance is important BUT they'll quickly learn YOU HAVE TO HAVE ALLIANCES.)

4. I divide my board into 6 blocks, dividers, whatever...see below. I then draw 6 ships (my ships aren't pretty LOL), I draw X's on their ships, and I put THEIR OWN PERSONAL NAMES by an X (This goes quicker than you would expect-don't worry about pretty hand-writing). 

NOTE: IF you have a group who has MORE people than other groups, you have to make sure EVERYONE has the same # to make it fair. Example) three groups have 6 people, and three groups have need to add 1 to the groups of 5 and calls them "EXTRAS" 

5. After you have the ships on the board, X's drawn, and each of their names by the X's, you're ready to play. 

6. Make everyone go back to their country/team area (the teams need to sit together). You are going to use review questions that you have put together on a piece of paper, or simply from the top of your head (that's your call - I usually just use their test and switch it up a little) hehe! :)

7. Ask team #1 a question, they get 20 seconds to answer, only ONE person can answer...I tell them to use strategy to decide who is going to answer. I tell my "weaker" kids to make sure to go on and speak up and answer IF you know it because you have to take turns to answer the questions. This keeps that ONE kid from answering every question. If they get it right, they can bump ANYONE from another team OFF or ADD someone back to ANOTHER team that was bumped previously (alliances). I simply erase their name, if bumped, NOT the X, and if they have been bumped off and added back, I write their name back. During the first round, it's only bumping off because no one has been bumped off to add back yet. 

Oh yeah, they CAN'T add anyone back to their OWN need those ALLIANCES!

This is where it gets fun, alliances are built, and enemies are formed. 

8. We then go to the next team, ask a question, 20 seconds, same rules...but now, let's say they miss it...or simply don't know. I then give the action (where I throw my arm down like a "go") and say "ROBA" and this opens up the opportunity for ANY team to steal...whoever raises their hand first (ANY TEAM BESIDES THE ONE WHO ORIGINALLY ANSWERED) I call on them. They must know it asap (if they don't know, they get skipped). If they get it right, they get TWO things to do with the X's...they can bump 2 people off (I even allow them to do one from 2 different teams), they can bump a person/add one person back OR they can add back two people (if they have a good alliance). The steals REALLY make it interesting! 

Keep playing, erasing names, and adding them back. 

So let's take it up a notch and REALLY get it the steals are what make it fun, right? To add excitement tell the kids that IF they have been personally bumped off, they can't steal at that moment. Once they are added back by an alliance, they can THEN steal. 

Lastly, the last 15 minutes of class, I tell them no more ADDING back, it's only take down. Also, ships will start to go down (everyone will get bumped off). STILL ALLOW THEM TO ANSWER THOUGH...they now have the power to bump off other teams. It's payback time and they love it!!! Also, sometimes they have to go against their alliances and it's entertaining. 

In the end, either only one name by an X will remain and that team is the winner OR the team that has the MOST names by their X's, win! 

Either way, this game is a blast, high energy, and you'll be amazed how many review questions you get in that day :) 

God Bless, 
Britt B. 


  1. So once a student is bumped off they aren't allowed to play/answer until they are added back on, correct? I'm thinking about using this game with fourth graders, just trying to make sure I understand the rules.

  2. This game is different from any game I've seen. It looks high energy and the alliances make it so intriguing! So glad you shared it. I want to share it with my teacher friends!!! Betsy Tweet me @bucybetsy and follow my blog

  3. Shared it with my friends and tweeted to my PLN!!! I am your newest follower and newest fan!!!

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