Monday, January 4, 2016

Tracking Formative Assessment Data

So our school tried something new this year that I have to admit I wasn't very hot on at first. They announced to our staff that they wanted us to track our daily formative assessments, and turn these into our administration. It was so our staff was more meaningful with our assessments, and could really track where our students were at the time. I'll be honest...I was really upset. I knew how my kids were doing, I knew what they knew or did not know. I thought to myself...the work, the time, how in the world am I suppose to have a life? 

So, as usual, I got kind of worked up, frantic, fretting, and went to look for a solution. I tried doing the simple check-marks on one class roster, but I honestly found that harder than it seemed. 

I sat down, and thought a perfect world...what would happen? What would it look like? I came up with my Weekly Check-Up Sheets. Now, they aren't perfect but I will say it's a vast improvement to just giving daily check-marks (my opinion). I will admit I don't do these EVERY week, and even EVERY day but I know teachers that do and they rave about it. 

You can easily turn this into your administration if you are being asked to track your formative assessments and report, you can use it as personal data collection, or if you are a first year teacher having to track data for an intern program this would work great. 

I have 4 days on the sheet (Monday through Friday), and each day has about 5 questions. I will put 5 questions directly related to what we are learning in class in a word document, PPT, or simply write it out on the board. Sometimes, I even do a listening so no need to write anything. 

During the class, I give these 5 questions to the kids, and allow them time to write the answers. After I see that the students have tried each question, we go over the correct answers. If the students get any questions wrong, they simply put the correct answer. If they get it right, they just check it off. Each day, they can see what they have missed & need to focus on. I also put all my flashcards on quizlet so therefore the students can go and quiz themselves. 

Now, there are several choices...I can personally collect each sheet and look over them at the end of the week/turn them in, I can go around and write the # of how many they got correct on a roster (you can print blank rosters on your infinite campus), or I can have the students use these as a study guide for a future quiz. 

Either way, I feel like my students are winning and SO.AM.I 

Now, the formative assessment tracking doesn't really bother me and yes, they have made me be more meaningful with my teaching ;) 

Here is the FREE link to the weekly check-ups, enjoy!!!

God Bless,
Brittany B. 

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