Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Spanish Music Activity Packet

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is through music. It's engaging, catchy, and somewhat addictive. I had been wanting to use music for a while, but just never knew HOW to add it into my lesson. I envied teachers who were able to so easily add music into their lesson! 

I saw a cute video by Aldrey (he is so adorable!!!!). It was the song called "La Lista" and I KNEW that I wanted to use this song in my lesson. Plus, it's not very hard to translate. This was my backing of inspiration to give it a try! 

If you want to try this yourself, here is what I did to get started:

First, you must get the FULL lyrics to the song. If you can't find them online, you'll have to watch the video and copy them down (this is what I had to do). 

I then decided I would pull apart the phrases used in his lyrics by making random words. Ser un artista. Ser, un, and artista are vocabulary words I wanted them to know separately. I created a huge list of all these random words. 

After creating an activity of a bunch of random words, I put those words together to make expressions such as "ser un artista" and even "ser una persona" Many of the expressions weren't necessarily in the song, but it was great practice for them to put the phrases together. 

We then did a fill-in-the-blank exercise where they had to listen to the song and fill in the missing words. It really trained their ear. 

Lastly, they had to translate the whole song which was actually really easy for them.  
They LOVED watching the video & listening to the song! SOOOO many of them downloaded it on their phone and was singing it for the next week long! 

The next day...take a guess what the first question was: CAN WE LISTEN TO "LA LISTA"? 

If you would to purchase my Spanish Music Activity Packet to Aldrey "La Lista" here is the link below:

Happy Music Lesson Planning!

God Bless,
Britt B. 

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