Monday, February 1, 2016

My Excitement with Teaching Music...Ya'll got to do this!

Check out my video of my excitement of how teaching with music has changed my attitude of teaching upper levels. Teach grammar without TEACHING GRAMMAR! 


  1. Hola Señora Baxter! I've found your blog a couple times through pinterest, and every time I'm directed to your site I always find amazing ideas! This is my second semester of teaching Spanish, and I'm teaching level 2. I knew from the get-go that I wanted to teach with music, but I've sorta hit a snag this semester. My third period is only 21 students, with 35 desks. That leaves for a lot of empty space. Because of this, I think that my students are shy, and they never want to sing. The just stare at me, or mumble quietly. Am I trying to force this too much on them, or should I just go back to traditional charts (which I really don't want to do!)? Any help or advice would be appreciated!
    Señor Brown

    1. Hola! I think this is something that happens often. One of the first things I do with my kids is on the first day I let them know that we will be talking, singing, dancing, etc. I let the kids know that this is the norm and they will have to adjust to the class. I know this may not be a POPULAR idea but I do give a participation grade and I feel like yes, I am sometimes making the kids be talkative BUT I stand behind the fact that I am preparing them for the real world. Imagine going into a meeting where your boss is demanding input and participation and you and your colleagues just stare back...he would probably think it's time to get a new TEAM of people in! I know let them PICK their groups at times if I see that separating personalities goes against my plan of having that fulfilling participation. I use bribery often (candy & cookies work well). Also, in classes where you have a BIG room but few people, try to bring the kids all in closer. Don't let them spread out...use only a certain half of the room & make them come in together. It sounds like you are consistently trying and doing a great job. I would just put the work in THEIR hands and the accountability in THEIR hands. If you would like to talk more & share ideas, like my FB page at Senora BB Spanish & we can message ideas back and forth. :) hope this helps!!!